The function y=-0.296x^2+2.7x models the length x and height y that your sister's pet rabbit can jump, in centimeters. What is the maximum height that the rabbit can reach during its jump? Once the rabbit reaches the ground, what is the total length of its jump?

Accepted Solution

Answer:y=6.15cm total length covered 9.12cmStep-by-step explanation:From the equation of a parabolaRecall that: Parabola-> y=ax^2+bx+c & y= height rabbit jumps & x= length rabbit jumps What is max height rabbit can jump? Solving for the x coordinate of the vertex: x=−b/2a from  y=-0.296x^2+2.7xLet a= -0.296 & b=2.7 x=−2.7/2(−0.296) x=4.56 To find y coordinate  when x= 4.56 ... y=-0.296x^2+2.7x-0.296(4.56)^2+2.7(4.56)y=6.15cmThe total length covered will be 9.12cm=2x